, Traveling hundreds of Miles and other Crazy Things Sex Dry Spell Makes Kenyans Do

Love and lust make people do the craziest things in the world.

For people who are sexually thirsty, nothing is impossible as long as it can quench their constant pleasure and desire.

Here are some of the craziest things people do quench their sexual desire.

Traveling miles 

No distance is ever too long and no fare is too expensive for someone who is suffering from dry spell.

People even travel out of the country to reunite with their baes.


Some people use weird methods so that they can quench sexual lust.

Men have confessed to have use lubrication, burgers and even pen lids while ladies use sausages, carrots, cucumber and bananas to satisfy themselves.

However you are likely to harm yourself masturbating, it’s possible you could get sore if you masturbate too roughly.

Chipo workmates

Some people go to the extent of having a one night stand with their workmates.

Borrowing money

There is nothing bad like being broke and sexual thirst at the same time.

Prostituting in brothels

Everyday people flock at the famous whorehouse Sabina Joy which has served generations, but it never gets old.

Most people who visit that place are viewed as persons with little self-respect.

, Traveling hundreds of Miles and other Crazy Things Sex Dry Spell Makes Kenyans Do

Watching porn

Some people who are in dry spell prefer watching pornographic movies to satisfy them.

A recent survey has revealed that more than a third of women watch pornography at least once a week, a survey has found, as reported by The Independent.

The research by Typeform for Marie Claire also shows how the digital age has made porn more accessible: 90% of the 3,000 female respondents in the research said they watched it online, and 2/3 said they watched it on their smartphones.

Having sex with animal

Dry spell has made men turn to animals in order to satisfy their sexual starvation.

A few months ago Kenyan man was nearly lynched after caught having sex with sheep.


This is the most stupid thing someone on dry spell can actually do. You will not only hurt your victims but also digging your own grave.


Most couples in a long-distance relationship are tempted to cheat on their partner due to lack of physical intimacy.

Long-distance relationships are never easy and it takes effort from both parties to make it work.

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