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Tekno Miles has dropped a new banger dubbed ‘Skeletun’ and it’s too lit (Video)

Nigerian singer Augustine Miles Kelechi, popularly known by his stage name Tekno, has dropped a new jam and we are really feeling it.

The song titled Skeletun, which is a corruption of the word skeleton, has been receiving massive airplay on local TV and radio stations since it was released a day ago.

As expected, Tekno really came through on this song. I could not stop dancing on my seat as I was wrting this piece, I’m not kidding.

Tekno Miles

Tekno Miles

My pidgin is not good so I could not deduce what he was singing about but at some point I heard him talking about a woman’s body and punani so if you put two and two together it not that hard to understand unless you are a prude.

As much as I love this jam, I must say the part where he says skeletun and kelebu in the hook gets boring because he does not seem to stop but then again maybe it’s just me. I could be getting old.

The beat for this jam was on point. I wasn’t expecting anything less. It puts you in a good mood from the instant you hit the play button. It’s pretty much like all of Tekno’s songs.

The video was also dope. I love how it starts off in a club with everyone knocked out before they get up to pull some lit dance move. The choreograpry in the video was also out of this word. Props to the brains behind it.

Watch Skeletun below and tell us what you think.

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P-Unit and Yvonne Darcq have linked up on ‘Bolingo’ and it’s a big tune (Video)

It’s such a beautiful time to be alive and the reason I’m saying this is because P-Unit, a group that most of us grew up listening to, is still churnfing out music. I mean, isn’t that enough reason to be happy?

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Now, P-Unit – which is made of Bon Eye, Frasha and Gabu, has teamed up with the beautiful Yvonne Darcq on a new song and it slaps really hard! Like really.

The song dubbed Bolingo, which is a Lingala word that simply means love, has been receiving massive airplay since it was released a few days ago.

Yvonne Darcq

Yvonne Darcq

I don’t know what to make of this song. All I know that is I couldn’t stop listening to it. It has this mix of Lingala and ‘morderness’ that will get you on your feet dancing. Don’t even get me started on the energy that’s on the beat.

The second thing that I love is the hook. It’s too dope and easy to master. I could have written it here for you guys but my knowledge of French and Lingala is not worth talking about. Anyway, Yvonne Darcq totally aced it.

Of course, the P-Unit guys also delivered in this jam. I was not expecting anything less from them. However, if I had to chose one of them, I’ll honestly say that Frasha carried this one home, especially where he is singing in French.

The video was also on point. From the simple shoot locations to the styling to the choreography, I mean what’s there not to love?



Now that I’ve told you about all the things that I love about this jam, I can’t fail to point out that is sounds a lot like a collabo that P-Unit did with Alicious back in 2013 dubbed Mobimba. Look it up.

Watch Bolingo below and tell us what you think.

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Mafikizolo’s latest release dubbed ‘Ngeke Balunge’ really speaks to the heart (Video)

If you are a huge fan of South Africa singing duo Mafikizolo then you’ll probably be excited to learn that they have a new song.

The group that is made up of Theo Kgosinkwe and Nhlanhla Nciza recently dropped a new jam titled Ngeke Balunge and it’s been getting a lot of love.

The song is in Zulu most of us might not understand what they are singing about. However, I am reliably informed that the two talnted singers are saying how people will never come between them.

Although they are not really dating, they say that they will always find their way back to each other, just like it with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Nhlanhla Nciza and Theo Kgosinkwe of Mafikozolo

Nhlanhla Nciza and Theo Kgosinkwe of Mafikozolo

Just like Khona, Bathele, Tchelete and other songs that Mafikizolo has sang in Zulu, as you listen to their latest jam you will also appreciate the fact it’s a beautiful composition nevermind the fact that you don’t get a thing.

This song speaks to the heart so much so that if you are emotional you might tear up. Okay, I am joking.

The vocals of boths Theo and Nhlanhla are great in jam. I am sure its acapella version  would be just as good if not better. Props to them.

I also loved the fact that the instrumenatals/beat are a bit subtle. They actually allow you to enjoy the song and spice it up at the same time. Honestly speaking, this is probably one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time.

Listen to Ngeke Balunge below and tell us what you think.

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Rosa Ree has linked up with Fik Fameica on ‘Acha Ungese’ and we totally love it (Video)

Tanzanian female rapper Rosary Robert, known by her stage name Rosa Ree, has released a new jam with Uganda’s Fik Fameica and we are really feeling it. No kidding.

The song titled Acha Ungese has been receiving massive airplay on TV and radio stations since it was released a few days ago.

In the song, Rosa Ree, who’s also known as the rap godless, lives to her name with tight bars that will definitely leave you scratching. I always say that nothing beats Swahili rap and believe you me, this lass came throug on this jam.

Fik Fameica and Rosa Ree

Fik Fameica and Rosa Ree

Of course, her English flow is also really dope. Actually, it reminded me of her English verse in Kipopo. It would have been way better had it been longer.

Fik Fameica also did  a good job. Although I could not understand anything for the most part since he was rapping in Luganda, I have to admit that it was really cool.The beat on this jam is also great. From the moment you hit the play button, you just know that a good jam is coming your way. Props to the producer – Bin Laden of Tongwe Record.

Some people might say that the video was to simple or a copy paste of Kipopo butI have no qualms with it because it came out nicely. To be honest, this is not the kind of songs that an artist needs to go all out and splurge.

Watch Acha Ungese below and tell us what you think.

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Sesa song by Shay Diva featuring Ethic and Boondocks.

Sesa beat by Ethic, Bondocks and Shay Diva is an interesting jam that brings out a party mood. Shay Diva introduces the song in a hidden meaningful way. She says she’s not the type of girls who’d adore flowers, which is more of her signature.

She goes ahead to sing a train is going fast, which defines the smoke of bhang. Ethic sings she’s full of smoke and redness in her eyes. ‘Niko tu mamoshi vile nimenyanya,’ such a hidden theory of sheng.

The message in Sesa will blow your mind

Ethic continues the lead saying on how the party can be lit with good twerking. Sesa narrates on how the twerking style could leave many necks unturned.

With such figurative beauty they sing they’d love to see who’d be the lucky guy. The artist sings that no matter the ego of the beautiful girl, he must have fun with the beauty around him.

‘Cheki nakutambua msupa nakusugua,ata ukiringa bado nakuchambua ata ukichimba msupa nakutambua.’ Wow, what a chasing night indeed it’s a lit party.


Sesa chorus part of the hit jam takes the title of the party song, ‘sesa.’ It is just a summary of repetition of the title part of the song. ‘Seswa kitekwa.’

Shay Diva continues the lead, ‘niite dem wa mpesa unatoa ama unaweka.’  She says she loves the withdrawal theory of fun and in the club she really lead.

The artist sings she does not love a playful relationship or rather cheating, because she’ll revenge with your dad. ‘Ng’ang’o na mavela ukinichepa na sepa budayako namkemba na mastingo tunasesa.’

Boondocks comes in with such lively energy. The lead continues narrating on how high he is, ‘tumenyanya tunapiga tot za mang’ang’o za murang’a.’

The artist continues with the invite of one to come to the party with a bottle of konyagi, he’s got enough khat. He sings for him the party is lit especially with the fun of twerking ladies aroung him.

‘Zangu zimenice cheki haga kwa kibanda, itisha ice mzinga ya guarana.’ After the whole fun indeed the class hallucination of the party is real.

In conclusion, song was well done by the group. The video was well done in relation to the lyrical flow of the song.  The mood the song brings out indeed it’s a real and live party mood. Thumbs up.

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Seska (Ethic) back this time with Dmore on ‘Nyonya’

Seska is back with a new gang for a new hit Nyonya. Dmore has brought out the best in his new gang as he unveils his new jam.

As we all know, the kind of music this guys do will leave one wishing they did not listen to them. Nyonya is a swahili word and I doubt if many people appreciate it. To start with, the quartet are always known for their songs mostly talking about women.

To start with, we look back at what Dmore who is allied to Ochungulo Family does. In this case he is all creative and just like he is doing in his official gang.

Seska (Ethic) back this time with Dmore on 'Nyonya'

Nyonya is just a collaboration of the old gangs and their themes

Ignoring the fact that the groups are doing the same thing, this song is a perfect example of trash. You must be wondering why I am referring to them as trash. First, this is not music as serious producers in music would say. Where on earth does one keep repeating whatever they sang.

Also, allow me to say there is no creativity as we can see the idea of a group dance still being repeated. At least for once they should have given us a new feel of this jam.

To add on, the team has nothing new as this jam Nyonya seeks to speak about a woman and what she is expected today. This is gross and not ready for consumption.

Seska (Ethic) back this time with Dmore on 'Nyonya'

Although there is no message in Nyonya, Seska just like he does in Ethic, has delivered his lines here in the best way possible. His energy is for sure unmatched as he and Dmore explore the music scene.

In addition to the topic, we also focus on the relevance of this jam by Seska and Dmore as the main. It is only relevant to those in the city. This is because they understand the language of Sheng’ as they are using it daily.

In conclusion, Nyonya by Dmore, Seska and teams gets a rating of 5/10.

Video beloew.

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Raunchy Nandy is back with Danzak on ‘Nidokoe’

Danzak is back this time with Tanzania’s finest Nandy for their new jam Nidokoe.

This is the 4th project of 2019 from DanZak, the East Africa born-Omani singer and airline pilot. Here he collaborates with the talented and multi-award winner, Nandy.  Nandy is a Tanzanian singer and songwriter and CEO of “The African Princess” record label.

To start with, Danzak’s  music style is of Arabic flavored melodies blended with Bongo flava of music influenced from R&B and traditional Tanzanian styles.

Raunchy Nandy is back with Danzak on 'Nidokoe'

Nidokoe is all about lovers professing their love

Nidokoe song and video details two people in love at the apex of professing their feelings for one another at their wedding ceremony.

In addition the jam has been Produced by Yogo Beats and shot by Director Kenny in Tanzania. Also, its wedding theme will take you on a love-filled journey, inspiring happiness and gyrating excitement from the unique blend.

To add on, Nandy as she performs Niidokoe there is a lot of energy and her beautiful voice is mind blowing. Her collaborating with Danzak is a great things for the project.

Further into the song you get to see the lyrical prowess of Danzak and Nandy on board. Nandy is a lass who has taken her music level internationally over time.

Raunchy Nandy is back with Danzak on 'Nidokoe'

Nidokoe is all filled with love and some lines are better sang in a wedding. Actually the words are so convincing to some extent one thinks the prince charming is finally here.

To add on, the title of the song has been brought out well in the video. The actions are actually in line with the songs title.

For sometime now, Nandy has slowed down and this is more of a comeback for her. In her singles, the raunchy singer has always talked of love. Though she is controversial, this has helped her gain momentum.

Danzak for sure knew what he was targeting as he brings the queen of music on board. In conclusion, Nidokoe gets a rating of 7/10.

Video Below.

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Kiloki features Maddox (Boondocks) in ‘Boom Shakala’

Kiloki is here with a new tune dubbed Boom Shakala. The artist has brought on board a couple of faces among them Maddox of Boondocks Gang.

Also he has featured Rico Gang Harry Craze,Vuva and Dj Lyta . This is a Gengetone Club banger.

Just like any other times, this group of artistes got nothing new to sing and you can always expect the usual. By the usual I mean them singing about drugs and women.

Kiloki and his gang in Boom Shakala are also talking about drugs, sex and women whom they are planning on banging.

Honestly, I am yet to understand why they are always hyping drugs and blaming them for whatever they are doing.

Kiloki features Maddox (Boondocks) in 'Boom Shakala'

What is the message and relevance of Boom Shakala

In this jam the group is also talking about having sex and in the chorus the dude talks about feeling whatever it is in the stomach.

Hi nimekunoki, Hi cheki ntakupiga tu kigoti, Hi vile unachachisha tu kwa moti.

Vile unachachisha ntakupiga tu kiloki.  Hi boom shakala utaiskilia kwa tumbo.  Ngeus wenzako watafumbua hili fumbo. Boomshakala ALAAAAA! Boomshakala ALAAAAA! Fumba Fumbuua.

Also, the song is just simple and filled with a lot sayings. This is a new one and it is really a good style and it shows appreciation.

To add on, Kiloki delivered the song in sheng’, Kiswahili and some English words making it an all round song.

As much as the song is good, it is only relevant to the young generation who easily relate to the language. When we talk about promoting talent, we should do this to this young souls .

Boom Shakala is not bad song only that the song is for a few people. In conclusion, a lot things should be done to improve the kind of content.

Last but not least this Kiloki guy and Rico Gang in Boom Shakala gets a rating of 5/10.

Video Below.

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Check out Jovial has a new tune ‘Gubu’

Jovial is back with a new hit that am sure will blow off your mind dubbed Gubu.  The lass has been on a break for sometime now and her comeback is worth it.

As her name Jovial suggests, the sing is all jovial and one of a kind. I mean that the reception is so good and she has her fans applauding her.

Gubu is all about  an ungrateful person

Gubu is a Swahili word that means an ungrateful person. She writes to describe a man who doesn’t seem to see, appreciate or value the greatness in her.

Check out Jovial has a new tune 'Gubu'

To start with, we must acknowledge that Gubu is well scripted. It is one  hit that Jovial has given her best and her investment.

Also, as the song is talking about one not been appreciated, it is also time to recall that the lass at one time had ties with Kenyan lover boy Otile Brown.

Although Jovial is known to use curse words and half naked videos, in Gubu things are different. Gubu shows signs of an all grown up Jovial.

Also, going by the comments on YouTube, it is clear that many like this hit as it is a clean copy.  Further into the song, Jovial has brought out the typical girl she is describing.

Check out Jovial has a new tune 'Gubu'

Lets look at things in the real world, it is thus right to say this song is relevant toady and maybe in future too.

In addition, the delivery of the video is a 100% lit. She has done it in a very creative way as compared to her previous work.

To add on, the audio is also worth it. Come to think of a song you are struggling to get the words clearly. Well in this Gubu by Jovial you do not have to as it is all clear from the start to the end.

In conclusion, Jovial gets a rating of 6/10 in Gubu.

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¨You are dating a man who is below your level!¨ Andrew Kibe roasts Kamene Goro

KISS 100´s new set of morning show radio presenters has opened doors we might never have taken note of.

Every day there is something new to learn. Not about the world. Nope. About Kamene or Kibe or both.

From their drama-filled relationships, to how they think, to who they were before their voices went on air.

So this time round, the outspoken female radio presenter, Kamene Goro has revealed that she is a living young sponsor.

It´s not what you´re thinking, but could be. According to the untamed beauty, she has been dishing out money to guys she has dated, one after another.

Kamene reveals this during their morning show ¨Morning Kiss¨ with Andrew Kibe, sharing:

I have given guys cash so many times. Men can literally sniff that I have money.

What frustrates her most is fact that even after lending them cash, they never gave it back.

The sad thing is that most of the time I give guys the cash they do not refund. I am a living sponsor.

Yes, she has learnt her lessons and every time she can sense that a guy will not refund her, she gives them a deaf ear.

But nowadays once I realize that a man will not pay me back I ignore them.

The sassy lass however clarified that if she is dating a guy and she ´feels him´ but he is at the time low on funds, she will sure help out. Why not?

You might be my man and nakufeel but you are going through a problem. Am i not supposed to help you?


Well, unfortunately Kibe wholesomely disagreed with her, informing her that the minute you need to give a hand to a guy, then he is below your standards, both financially and socially.

Kiss 100´s ¨Morning Kiss¨ show presenter, Andrew Kibe

Kibe then went on a public rant:

Who are this men you are dating that keep asking you for money? There is something wrong with you and the men you are dating. It feels good to pay bills as a man? It means that you are dating a man who is below your level.

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