Uproar on social media as Oscar Sudi invites Simba Arati for a fight at Uhuru Oar

Oscar Sudi has stirred mixed reactions on social media after he openly urged Simba Arati to fight him at Uhuru Park on Saturday. The Kapseret Member of Parliament in a statement says he is not afraid of the opposition and he is ready to challenge Simba Arati in a fight to the death.

The two legislators have been the talk of the country after Oscar Sudi accused his counterpart of physically confronting him during the Kibra by-election.

“Nataka niambie huyu mtu anajiita Simba kuwa mimi ni mhubiri wa amani lakini kama anaona tunaeza kanyagana anipate Uhuru Park siku ya Jumamosi” an angry Sudi addressed supporters in Kapseret.

Sudi has received criticism from Kenyans who have termed the move as backward.

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