Governor Cyprian Awiti on the spot for deconstructing the cervix of a 21 year old Kisumu Polytechnic girl

Homabay County Governor, Cyprian Awiti has become the talk of town after a 21 year old girl from Kisumu Polytechnic accused him of deconstructing her cervix on November 3.

Sharon Kanzovi

Sharon Kanzovi tells reporters that Cyprian Awiti targets college and university students since most of them are virgins.

Already a number of female students from Kisumu polytechnic are standing with Sharon accusing the Governor of using stimulants to prove his bedroom prowess. “He injects something in his blood system before the act and end up deconstructing an innocent girl. I think this is not right. If he wants to help let him do so without asking for favors from the opposite gender” a statement from Kanzovi read.

Some are said to have been impregnated by the Governor. Now Sharon and her colleagues want action taken against the Governor who they accuse of taking advantage of the 98 born females.

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