, Stubborn Likoni Residents Still Risking Their Lives Despite Ferry Tragedy (Video)
A vehicle slips off a ferry art Likoni in a past tragedy

The stubborn nature of Kenyans has been exposed again days after the Likon Ferry Tragedy, in which a woman and her daughter plunged into the Indian Ocean.

Ferry users are still not following the most basic safety precautions when crossing the channel.

In a video seen by this reporter, motorists using the ferry to cross from the mainland to South coast still risked their lives despite numerous warnings given.

Motorists are supposed to move from their cars when on the ferry but most of them did not do that.

One of the local identified as Abigael Musa, when interviewed by Citizen TV journalist Sam Gituku, stated that she did not exit her car because she had reached her destination.

“Sasa tumefika. Ungekuja mapema kidogo, ungepata nilikua nje (I have arrived. If you had come earlier, you would have found me out of the car.) remarked Abigael.

The explanation by the lady was, however, contradicting when the camera panned to show that the vessel was still far off from docking on the other side.

Another resident Johnson Karisa remarked that he remained in his vehicle because he was not worried about it accidentally sinking.

He further reiterated that he was confident he would avert any incident due to his car being an automatic one which would give him the chance to escape.

“Mimi sina wasi wasi. Kama unaelewa mambo za gari za automatic (I have no worries. My car is an automatic one hence I am okay.” noted Johnson.

Following the tragedy, Kenyans had come out to criticise the Kenya Ferry Management over lack of effective safety measures that would have prevented the tragedy that befell Mariam Kigenda and Amanda Mutheu.

On Wednesday, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho said he had hired a South African firm to help in the ongoing rescue operations. The governor gave out Ksh 2 million for the same.

“I have sent for experts from South Africa to join efforts with multi-agency teams that are working round the clock to retrieve the bodies,” remarked Governor Joho.

, Stubborn Likoni Residents Still Risking Their Lives Despite Ferry Tragedy (Video)
Mombasa County Governor Hassan Joho at a past function

The family of the victims had however declared that they would hire their own private diver after their pleas to Joho went unanswered.

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