, How to Deal With ‘Terrible Twos’

In Kenya, when a parent gives birth to a newborn, its always a happy moment but once someone mentions the term ‘terrible two’ , chills run down their spine and wish that the meltdown stage never comes.

Terrible Two phase seems to last for years.

While most children fall somewhere between those extremes, what most parents in Kenya fear most is that their entrusted domestic manager might leave due to the unbearable behavior of the child.

Here are ways to deal with the terrible twos:

Respect the nap:

Try to plan outings or errands around the time your toddler sleeps. This is when your child is less likely to feel irritable.

, How to Deal With ‘Terrible Twos’

Be consistent and calm.

At home, it’s best to let your child work through his tantrum. In public, remove your child from the situation as quickly as possible.No parent wants aibu ndogo ndogo.

, How to Deal With ‘Terrible Twos’


Don’t give in:

If you say yes to end the tantrum, your toddler will think that’s the way to get what they want. In the same way, don’t bribe them with sweets or any other kind of treat.

Praising Good Behavior:

Whenever your child does something good, always reward them with praise and attention.

Give the child some space:

If your baby wants to get his anger out in a non-destructive way, it’s ok to let them get mad sometimes. This way, they are able to get their feelings out, pull themselves together and regain self-control without getting involved in a battle.

, How to Deal With ‘Terrible Twos’


When misbehavior strikes, it’s helpful to remind yourself that you aren’t alone.

Here’s a video that might help:

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