, Governor Mutua Warns Church Leaders Against Inviting DP Ruto For Fundraisers
Governor Alfred Mutua attacks church leaders fo inviting DP Ruto for fundraisers.

Machakos County Governor Alfred Mutua has waded into the ongoing debate of church leaders urging the Deputy President William Ruto to continue flooding the church with cash.

In video footage shared by MagicalKenyaNews on Tuesday, Mutua was recorded reprimanding the leaders for calling on the DP to visit their churches with monies.

“I have been shocked to hear that church leaders in some parts of our country, especially from the Rift Valley, requesting our deputy president to go to their churches to give the old a thousand notes before the deadline day,” said Mutua.

The Governor added the move by church leaders was insinuating that the DP was corrupt adding that they should stop inviting Ruto for such functions.

“They are saying the DP has been taking those cash to central province only. So according to their own imaginations, there is a lot of cash the DP has kept in old-thousands notes that he has to give before the deadline.

It is worrying because we are asking ourselves why are they saying the DP has got all this amount of money in old notes?

This is like calling the DP a corrupt person and I am not certain if he is happy that he is being labelled a corrupt person,” added the Governor.

The governor was poking holes in their claims by a section of church leaders from the DP’s backyard suggesting that they were doing more harm than good to the DP.

Mutua remarks come after the church leaders demanded a share of the ‘National Cake’ through  Ruto’s donations.

, Governor Mutua Warns Church Leaders Against Inviting DP Ruto For Fundraisers
DP Ruto giving church donations in various churches. File.

Speaking to Citizen TV during a press conference held on Sunday, the church leaders questioned why their region was neglected yet the deadline for old a thousand notes is looming.

“The question we are asking is when will our day come. The bigger question is when shall we get our share of this thing yet September 30, 2019, is fast approaching,” they said.

The group ostensibly accused the DP of forgetting his backyard and favouring one region in his church donations.

“There is one particular group that is seriously blessed and he has visited some churches in Kenya more than 50 times,” the clergy claimed.

“It is very unfair that central Kenya churches have been given more than they can handle, and that is why violence is being witnessed in churches there,” read in part their statement.

The leaders lamented they had not received their mandatory share yet the deadline is looming.


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