, (VIDEO) Barak Jacuzzi Spotted with Kairetu After Abortion Scandal

Rapper Barack Jacuzzi broke the internet after he got into a nasty fight his girlfriend Kairetu at the Konshens concert this past weekend. The two who exist in the public eye caused quite a stir after the videos leaked online.

According to his girl, Jacuzzi impregnated her three times during their two-year relationship and she was forced to abort each and every one of them.

Check out the videos below:

The videos lit up social media for the better part of last night waking up into today with netizens expressing mixed reactions. Many criticized the beauty while some others roasted Jacuzzi for having a weak pull-out game. Kairetu seemed unmoved by all the negativity in social media and categorically stated that she is not ashamed of her actions. While it was believed that the two split after the chaotic night, sources reveal that that was just but a part of their dramatic relationship.

Sources close to the celebrity couple have exclusively revealed to Opera News that the couple is good and back together. According to them, the two blame the drama on being drunk. We all know alcohol messes with the normal functioning of the body.

To add on top of that, a video posted by Kairetu a few hours ago shows the two are still kicking it strong. The video shows both of them in a car with Barak blacked out in the back seat. The video confirms all our doubts. Check them out below:

, (VIDEO) Barak Jacuzzi Spotted with Kairetu After Abortion Scandal


, (VIDEO) Barak Jacuzzi Spotted with Kairetu After Abortion Scandal

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