Norman Magaya
Former NASA CEO Norman Magaya [Photo, Courtesy]

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has showered praise on ailing former NASA CEO and has asked that a Paybill number be availed to help him.

Mr Ngunyi termed Mr Magaya as a bright political strategist who gave Jubilee a hard time during the 2013 presidential elections.

He said that the country needs Mr Magaya healthy for future political battles in the country.


Mr Mutahi’s tweet follows that of other Kenyans who asked for the same after a blogger known to have a close working relationship of Orange Democratic Party blamed the party for neglecting former NASA CEO Norman Magaya who is sick.

Dennis Itumbi tweeted: Norman Magaya, knew loyalty, spin and worked hard. He also ensured politics did not interfere with friendship. Leta Paybill tusaidie yeye.

In a series of tweets, blogger Disembe alleged that all has not been well for Mr Magaya since he collapsed at Bomas of Kenya during the counting of the 2017 Presidential votes.

According to the blogger, the former NASA CEO, since that incident has been battling a heart condition arising from that incident, sometimes spending months in the hospital.

He claims that Mr Magaya may have been poisoned due to his hard stance against the Jubilee government during the 2017 campaigns.

“Long before the handshake, it was actors like Norman Magaya who the system singled to torment – and torment the system did- to stop the pressure and the agitation,” he tweeted.

According to Disembe, Mr Magaya has been battling a heart condition arising from that incident, sometimes

“Right now Magaya is so weak and thin; the body wasted by whatever happened to him at Bomas, the spirit stung by the disloyalty, the isolation and the neglet by the political class he dutifully served” he said.

The blogger alleged that Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is fully aware of Mr Magaya’s plight and that he had directed that Orange House takes charge of the matter and ensures he gets the support he needs.

Disembe, however, accused ODM Executive Director Oduor Ongwen of “dithering on the issue and not giving the kind of leadership needed to ensure Magaya’s condition gets the attention it requires”

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