Beryl Owano – Songa [Mp3 Audio Download]

Beryl Owano – Songa [Mp3 Audio Download]. Beryl Owano – Songa [Mp3 Download].


Beryl Owano - Songa

With her unique sound and experience, having worked with various top-deck artistes from across the region, Beryl Owano joins the refreshing new faces of artistes eager to change the name of the game:

We’ve had such a great year for new music by fresh talent of late, with new faces shaking up the industry and turning the narrative. Female artistes have not been left behind. Beryl Owano is a fast rising Afro-pop, recording and performing artiste.

The 2017 Kisumu Teeniez Choice Awards winner and singer-songwriter comes from Luanda in Vihiga County. She came to Nairobi to look for greener pastures, a venture that did not turn out to be as rosy as she imagined at first. This saw her take up odd jobs such as mopping studio floors and cooking to at least make money for studio.

“My biggest challenge when I came to the city was catering for basic needs. I had no friends to help me get food and transport. I had to hustle my way out. The few professionals I met were unwelcoming. Some wanted sexual favours in exchange for recording my music,” Beryl recalls.

These struggles made her put her music career on hold to join live bands and play alongside Congolese artistes as a backup vocalist. Although she was getting little or no credits, this never dimmed her dreams.

In the middle of her struggles in 2016 her star started shining when she met producer Omae Lions and worked with Labalaa of Wakamba Wawili, on their single Wanataka Kula.

She recorded her first single, Mafisi. She later hooked up with Jacky B and did Namtafuta, which as she says opened her way and later dropped Nabaki, which was a true life experience since she was in a toxic relationship that she couldn’t stand anymore.

Soon after she did the song, slowly, with Tanzanian singer Matonya, also produced by Jacky B. In the song the duo combine to their respective strengths to deliver a sizzling ballad.

“When I wrote ‘Slowly’, my intention was to appreciate the men in my life. But before I could shoot a video for the song, I sent it to Willy M Tuva to get his opinion. Coincidentally, Matonya was in the studio and happened to listen to the song. He called me later and asked to record a verse and boom!, the rest is history,” Beryl says.

Her new hit single Me &You is enjoying a good run on the airwaves and when Nigeria’s Mr Eazi was in Nairobi he ran a Twitter poll asking which female artiste he should work with and her fans overwhelmingly voted for her.

The TV production student started her music career at a tender age in an environment of strict upbringing. Her mother is a pastor and therefore her musical journey kicked off in church. She gives credit for her success so far to her father- a singer she swears can perform better than most in the industry.

When she found her footing, however, she opted to go secular as the industry has so many people in the gospel circles that are not doing it for the word but for fame and money, something she felt was not right. As a songwriter, she has written a couple of songs for several gospel artistes and has two songs of her own on the way.

The newbie believes that our music scene is ailing and this is simply because a majority of the already established artistes look down upon upcoming artistes while others ask for obnoxious favours so that to play, write or even produce your music.

“It is a struggle out here and a majority of young girls get duped easily but one needs to be focused and go into the industry with their head intact,” she observes.

Her inspiration comes from daily struggles that people go through and in the industry, she looks up to Wahu, Sanaipei Tande and Vivian who she says she would love to work with them.

Beryl is already working on her album as well as collabos and a Tanzania tour, scheduled for July this year.

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