Willy Paul Attacked Over Explicit Photos With Nandy

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Controversial singer Willy Paul seems to have quit releasing gospel music and is now focused on doing what he thinks is best for his career.

This past weekend during the Choma na Ngoma festival Willy Paul left many shocked after his performance with Nandy; and truth be told the singer didn’t seem to care much.

Willy Paul and Nandy



From the photos shared on his Instagram it’s evident that Willy Paul is all about giving his fans nothing but full entertainment.

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Fans call out Willy Pozze

However his gospel fans could not come into terms with the fact that Willy Pozze has opted to venture into secular music.

Judging from some of the comments left under his ‘raunchy’ Photos one can see how aggressive some fans got while others went on to warn him against going the calling of God.

Well… I guess it’s all about entertainment and where the money is therefore there is no sign of Pozee will be turning back to his old music. Read the comments below;


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